Boat Lift Covers

Boat Lift Covers

Looking for boat lift covers?

Give Recreational Sales LLC a call today at 1.231.633.1665 to schedule your complimentary waterfront consultation. As Northern Michigan’s #1 company in dock sales, we go above and beyond the call of duty for our customers so that you can enjoy a carefree summer. Whether you like to enjoy your time boating, paddleboarding, or kayaking – we can customize the perfect dock and boat lift for you.

As a ShoreStation dealer, we can customize your new or existing dock and boat lift with the perfect boat hoist and ShoreStation boat lift canopy to suit your needs. Whether you need ShoreStation replacement covers or are looking to invest in the ShoreStation Revolution series canopy, we’ve got you covered. We provide services to:

Boat Lift Covers

Do I really need a ShoreStation boat lift canopy?

Owning a boat is a major investment. By using a ShoreStation boat lift canopy you are protecting your investment from damaging elements such as UV rays, high winds, and inclement weather. Adding ShoreStation canopy side curtains to your ShoreStation Revolution canopy ensures that your boat is completely protected from the elements. No more worrying about your boat getting tossed about and damaged in a storm. Simply press a button and your ShoreStation Revolution Canopy slides effortlessly over your boat.

Using a ShoreStation boat lift canopy also allows you to maximize your time on the water by eliminating the need to wrestle with tight fitting covers that leave your boat smelling musty and at risk for mold and mildew problems. With a ShoreStation boat lift canopy, your boat is covered as soon as you are back at the dock and able to air out while being stored. Afterall, when you are ready to go back out on the water the only smell that you want to notice is the scent of the crisp and refreshing lake air.

What are the benefits of the shorestation canopy side curtains?

As mentioned above, installing boat lift canopy side curtains helps to protect your boat from the wind and rain while it is being stored. Not only will the top of your boat be protected, but the sides of your boat will be protected while still allowing for airflow and mildew prevention. The ShoreStation Revolution canopy is designed not only for protection, but also for ease of use. The unique ratcheting and locking mechanism allows for the cover to be secured tightly in a matter of minutes without it having to be tied down. It also rolls and unrolls quickly so that you can remove it easily for cleaning or storage.

Need help installing your pvc boat lift cover canopy frame?

No matter if you are in need of a brand new dock or would like to upgrade an existing one, Recreational Services LLC is here to help. We will take the time to come to your waterfront and take the right measurements so that we can provide the best options for you. We specialize in high quality vinyl dock sales, hoist transport (land or water deliveries), barge deliveries, hoist repair, dock installation, and hoist removal. Even if you are considering purchasing a used boat hoist, we can inspect it to make sure that it is the right fit for you.

Our trusty work barge allows us to: do lake to lake transport, build and deliver new boat hoists, and deliver new dock to areas not accessible by land.

We pride ourselves in making sure your dock is installed safely, correctly, and is aesthetically pleasing.

Summer can’t get started until all of the toys are in the water. Give us a call today at 1.231.633.1665 to get on the schedule as quick as possible, because spaces fill up fast!

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