Hoist Transport and Barge Deliveries, Seasonal Waterfront Services.

Services, Delivery and Maintenance

Recreational Service will deliver your boat, hoist and dock on land and water.

We are able to assist you in transporting boat hoists to areas otherwise not accessible by land with our work barge. Our outstanding work barge allows us to transport hoists to a different spot on its home lage, or to a different lake entirely!

  • Our Work Barge allows us to easily do lake to lake transport
  • Build and deliver new boat hoists
  • Deliver new dock to areas not accessible by land
Barge on the water

Looking for a New Boat Hoist?

Whether you are purchasing a boat hoist new or used, there are many variables to take into consideration. Please call us if you are interested in used product, and we will instpect the product and see if it the right fit for you.

Boat Hoist Services

  • Build and Deliver New Boat Hoists
  • Inspect Used Boat Hoists Before Purchase
  • Repair and Provide Regular Maintenance to Boat Hoists

Dock & Hoist Installation, Removal and Service

Summer can't get started until all of the toys are in the water. Give Recreational Services a call to get on the schedule as quick as possible, becuase spaces fill up fast!

We pride ourselves in making sure your dock is installed safely, correctly and is aesthetically pleasing.

We can adjust your old boat hoists to fit your new boat. We can also add canopies to existing hoists or set up a permanent mooring for your boat or water trampoline.

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