What are vinyl docks?

What are vinyl docks?

Vinyl docks are used for many reasons, including access to a boat or pontoon. Docks are also used for fishing, swimming, work, special events, sunbathing, relation, and more. This is why choosing the right, high quality decking is so important.

Are you looking for a high quality and maintenance free vinyl docks? Vinyl docks are a great option for any dock owner, because:

Why is decking on a dock so important?

The decking is the first thing any dock owner, or dock user, will touch as they step onto the dock and it is the piece of the dock that most creates stability when walking along the dock. While the initial cost is important when it comes to choosing the right decking for your new dock, it is also important to factor in maintenance, safety, and lifespan of each decking type.

What do many consider the best type of decking for a dock?

Depending on what you’re looking for when it comes to the decking of your dock, many consider vinyl docks to be the most high quality decking choice. This is because vinyl docks are maintenance free. They will not rot, decay, warp, or twist and only need to be cleaned as the owner sees fit.

Why should I buy a vinyl dock over a wood dock?

Although many often think of wood decking as a tradition decking choice, wood decking tends to need more maintenance than vinyl decking. In general, you would need to power wash your wood dock annually, and apply a finish or a stain to your wood dock every three or four years to keep it looking fresh. Owners of wood docks also need to watch for warping, rotting, splinters, and nails over time. Finally, wood often absorbs the sun’s rays. This means that wood decking may become warm or even hot to the touch on summer days. For these reasons, and depending on your goals for a decking, you may want to buy a vinyl dock over a wood dock.

Where can I buy a vinyl dock?

At Recreational Services LLC, we proudly sell maintenance free vinyl docks in three colors, including white, gray, and tan. All of our docks are aluminum construction, and stainless steel and zinc plated hardware. We provide services to Long Lake, Silver Lake, Glen Lake, Crystal Lake, Platte Lake, Duck Lake, Green Lake, North Lake Leelanau, South Lake Leelanau, Spider Lake, Arbutus Lake, Lime Lake, Little Traverse Lake, and Torch Lake.

If you want to buy a new vinyl dock, please call us at 1 (231) 633-1665. Our company is #1 in dock sales for Northern Michigan and is an authorized TriMet Dock dealer specializing in TriMet Dock sales. When purchasing a dock from us, we offer a complimentary waterfront consultation. This complimentary waterfront consultation allows us to personally measure water depth and assess your waterfront, so that we can provide you with an exact quote. It also allows us to take the time needed to discuss the best options for you and your new dock. It is important for us to take the right measurements in order to design the best fitting dock for your location. We are ready and able to work with you to design a new dock that will suit all of your waterfront needs. Feel free to check out some of our recent dock designs, here.

Vinyl Docks

In addition to having the lowest prices on these top of the line vinyl docks, we also have all of the accessories you could need! We offer:\

If you do not see what you’re look for when it comes to dock accessories, we can make custom accessories you’ll love. We have designed everything from boat slips to hammocks and more!

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