What is barge transportation?

What is barge transportation?

When looking for barge transportation, there are many things to consider and think about. It is important to find the right work barge that can transport your boat, dock, or hoist in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, it is important to find the barge transportation that will address your specific needs, such as a barge that is able to provide lake to lake transport or delivery to areas not currently accessible by land.

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Since keeping up with the maintenance of a boat year round can take a lot of time, many boat owners will decide to dry dock or store their boat above the water using a boat hoist or lift. A boat hoist, which is often transported to a dock using a work barge, can be used to lift a boat out of the water and hold the boat in a cradle above the dock. This is especially useful for maintenance, repair, or storage of a boat, because storing a boat above water will help prevent the growth of bacteria or mildew. When owning a boat in cold climate or in water that has the potential to freeze during the winter, a boat hoist can be especially useful.


If you are ready to buy a boat hoist to expand the life of your boat and equipment, you will then need to determine which hoist is right for you and how to transport your new hoist to your dock. For both the purchase of a boat hoist and the transportation of a boat hoist to a dock, Recreational Services can be of help!


Recreational Services is a locally owned company providing waterfront consultation and services. We specialize in dock sales, dock installation / removal, dock repair, water trampolines, and boat hoist transportation on land or water. Our quality work barge allows us to do lake to lake transportation easily or to deliver new docks and hoists to areas that are not accessible by land. In addition to these transportation services, our barge is set up for storm recoveries and can right an overturned hoist and pontoon while ensuring no further damage is done.


As briefly discussed above, there are many reasons to consider a boat hoist for your boat. A boat hoist is helpful because:


Barge Transportation

In addition to preventing the possibility of corrosion or damage to your boat as described above, using a boat hoist can also reduce the amount of time it takes to be able to get in and out of the water. Being able to use your boat more quickly will result in more summer fun!


If you are looking for a boat hoist or barge transportation, please know that Recreational Services provides services to Long Lake, Silver Lake, Glen Lake, Crystal Lake, Platte Lake, Duck Lake, Green Lake, North Lake Leelanau, South Lake Leelanau, Spider Lake, Arbutus Lake, Lime Lake, Little Traverse Lake, and Torch Lake.


If you are ready to buy a new boat hoist or purchase a used boat hoist, or if you need barge transportation in a timely and efficient matter, then please call Recreational Services at 1 (231) 633-1665. In addition to providing lake-to-lake transport and transportation to areas not accessible by land, we are also able to inspect any products you are considering for purchase. This is helpful, because we are able to ensure any potential product will fit your needs and specific situation. Then, once you purchase a boat hoist, we can help you build and/or deliver that boat hoist and provide regular maintenance.


For more information and availability, please call us at today 1 (231) 633-1665 or come visit us at 216 E Front ST #201, Traverse City, MI 49684. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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